I’m Jeff Diehl and I make videos in San Francisco.

With internet series, documentary films, and branding and marketing for large companies like CNET, Discovery, Intel, Tesla, EA Games, LG, Glassdoor, Steelcase, and Maker Faire – I use video to tell stories of innovation and spectacular futures.

On the more personal side, tales of mad geniuses, outsider artists, and self-taught inventors, have special appeal for me. But whether it’s for a startup or an established international brand, I aim to combine authenticity with advanced cinematics in a collaborative spirit for every client I take on.

For a good while, I did this blog thing and it was good. Maybe someday soon I’ll do it some more.

Here’s what Laughing Squid said about it back when it began:

Our friend Jeff Diehl, who’s worked on The RU Sirius Show10 Zen Monkeys and GettingIt.com, recently launched Spots Unknown, a wonderful new blog focused on “Exploring & infiltrating the forgotten places, events, and histories of San Francisco”.

This site aims to explore and infiltrate histories forgotten and places unfound in the greatest American city. Those who live in San Francisco know that it has a rich history, from the original Ohlone inhabitants, to the Gold Rush, to the quake of ’06, and into the modern era.

It is a small city, a dense collection of hills and neighborhoods, parks and populations. It’s a challenge, even for those of us who’ve lived here a decade or more, to fully expose ourselves to it. There are spots that remain hidden, and even the spots that we’ve seen and experienced are often not fully known.

Jeff’s been posting a bunch of great unique San Francisco content, including interesting locations in the city that he’s been listing on the Spots Map.

See all my latest videos at my portfolio site.