Gonzo Road Trip Rally

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Inspired by my 51-day trip last summer across Central Asia by car, I’ve committed to an automobile adventure this year to the center of the US.

It’s marked by a plaque on a pedestal, built by the National Geodetic Survey. It is near a town called Lebanon. In Kansas. The plaque reads:

LAT. 39°50′ LONG. 98°35′
NE 1/4 – SE 1/4 – S32 – T2S – R11W
Located by L.T. Hagadorn of Paulette & Wilson – Engineers and L.A. Beardslee – County Engineer. From data furnished by U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey.
Sponsored by Lebanon Hub Club. Lebanon, Kansas. April 25, 1940.

Several other teams, each starting in different parts of the country, will meet up with me and my wife on July 6th in Kansas to drink whiskies and swap stories, after visiting a list of required waypoints plus making a few discoveries of our own.

Follow us in real time, and join the trip by seeing it through our eyes in video and photos, which we’ll upload as we make.

As with any great adventure, the destination is just one more point, the last one. But the points that come before, and how you get to them, make up the fertile lands of serendipity and breakdowns, thirst and charity, unreachable horizons and a thousand tiny triumphs.

So we’ll not stick to the highways, but zig and zag as much as possible, searching for the treasures that usually whiz past in a blur on the way to the next gas station. And on July 4th, we’ll be in some random town near the middle of America. And why not?

Wish us luck!

  • Daisy | Jun 19, 2012 at 9:43 am

    If you haven’t been inspired by Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, which is basically exactly what you’re doing, plus Anansi, Odin, evil tech gods, a zombie wife still in love with her husband, a leprechaun, and others, you should be. It’s my favorite book ever, and reading it along with your trip (if you haven’t) would be so so so fucking cool.

  • Jeff Diehl | Jul 19, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    actually, i’ve been told that by another close friend, and have the book next to my bed. guess i need to read the thing.