Spots Unknown


Booms have gone bust, and busts have faded, leaving behind San Francisco's most whipped lovers who cannot quit her. It feels almost obvious after 15 years of living here to talk about how SF has so many "secrets." Ways to transgress boundaries, make discoveries, be naughty, get inspired. But the truth is, it's all true. And I've finally come to accept that no matter how much I flirt with the danger of a cliched San Francisco - "varied" "beautiful" "surprising" "ever-changing" - she simply turns a wind-burned cheek, retreats a touch into the mist, and tells me another story. And I keep falling for her little game.

My name's Jeff. I tell stories in video and words. I once produced a podcast called The RU Sirius Show, and published a little blog called 10 Zen Monkeys. Way back in the day I edited one of the web's very first magazines,

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