The Police Sketch Fits the Crime

San Francisco Pickpockets Sketch

It’s hard to sympathize with iPhone thefts. Accounts like this don’t help:

My first thought as you saddled up to the bar next us while we ate our dinner was, “Hmm odd couple”. A white woman with dark blond hair, relatively tall, in her mid to late 30s, and a short black man, in his mid to late 50s. The woman was wearing a black jacket, and the man was wearing what can only be described as an over-sized khaki “zoot suit”. But whatever, it’s San Francisco right?

But when it becomes clear that the victim is so utterly grief-stricken that they rally all their design-school skills to absolutely fucking guarantee that this never happens to another human being, with wonders like the drawing above…well, I come right back around to feeling their pain. (Almost – the thieves bought GROCERIES for christ sake.)

Oh, and by the way:

If anyone stumbles this pair casing other restaurants around town, please call the San Francisco police (553-1141) and leave a message for officer C. Leung #12281, with regard to case #091094361. Thanks.

But what’s the number for the Fashion Police?