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The Marina Shows It Cares About Haiti

Marina Shows It Cares About Haiti, photo by James Fallows

Way to sympathize, guys!

It is recommended that people donate money, not stuff. The above pic is perhaps the best possible demonstration of why.

Aside from all that, though: ew.

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We’re #1! – Nastiest Hotel in the World

Nastiest Hotel in the World is in San Francisco?

We finally made it to the top of one of those year-end lists, y'all!

It's Trip Advisor's 2010 Dirtiest Hotels list, and our very own Heritage Marina kicked serious ass to get to #1. (I know it's a U.S. list, but everyone knows we're the only country that counts, so by the transitive property of, like, math, I'm declaring it the #1 spot on the planet.)

Images of filth and glory after the jump...