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  • video by Warholian on Banksy Chinatown piece – also, police NOT investigating. #
  • [vid] Blek Le Rat on Banksy: #
  • Bird nerds: just spotted Wilson's Warbler on Mt. Davidson. #
  • today's group expedition = success. two spots you don't know: Brooks Park, Shields Orizaba Rocky Outcrop. shouts to Joel, Daniel, Amy, Tony #
  • bar unknown: "Pass Time," where thoughts of mortality and forgetting await. #
  • [pics] meet the birds of Mount Davidson. #
  • pics of S.F. dating back to the 1880s. Lower Haight then vs. now! /via @haighteration #
  • [vid] corporate "viral video" recipe reverse engineered to save San Francisco. #

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The Week on Twitter, 2010-04-09

  • San Francisco residents who've done a walking tour in SF, i'd be interested in your impression of the experience. #
  • RT @AppreciateSF: On April 5th, 1850 Legislature passed act for the incorporation of San Francisco. [into effect April 15th] #
  • [pic] there are puddle reflections and there are puddle reflections… #
  • photog from previous tweet informs me that is not a reflection, and my brain twists further. #
  • i mean not a PUDDLE reflection… #
  • Name That Spot. #
  • [vid] Lonely Planet: San Francisco vs. NYC. #
  • [vid] crusty old song about San Francisco rebooted – with skaters. #
  • to coexist with coyotes in San Francisco, we must "vex" them. #
  • #footage of famous Trip Down Market Street 1906, with brand new commentary. #
  • San Francisco doesn't have the emergency infrastructure to deal with a Loma Prieta-size quake. #

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