Most Unfortunate Business Timing Ever?

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Most Unfortunate Business Timing Ever?

These fine fellows look like they’re feeling on top of the world in their well-stocked glass shop at 18 Sutter Street, San Francisco. The year? You guessed it: 1905.

As the story goes, the business didn’t survive the quake of ’06 and the family relocated to Los Angeles. Ironically, I’m sure there was a tremendous demand for their product as the rebuilding commenced.

(Spotted @ the Flickr stream of bcgreeneiv)

  • Jody | Feb 3, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    I love old photos like this, where instead of people standing perfectly still for long exposures, you can see signs of whatpeople back then were really like…it is so exciting to me that the guy on the left is moving his hand. Is that weird?