Pulled From the Bay – An Angry Stingray

Clearly, the stingray is the star of this video, as it should be. The cruel, matter-of-fact way that the fisherman handles it doesn’t seem to lessen its sinister awesomeness.

Perhaps it’s a good symbol for this whole area of San Francisco.

This video covers Candlestick Point, Yosemite Slough, South Basin, and India Basin. Stay tuned as we explore the entirety of San Francisco’s coastal edges in an ongoing series of vids.

The Stingray, San Francisco

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6 thoughts on “Pulled From the Bay – An Angry Stingray”

  1. Canon T2i, but really it’s the Opteka timer remote that does it, with the camera in “manual” mode. this video used one shot per second. then use QuickTime Pro to “Open as sequence,” and export.

  2. Neat video. That’s actually a bat ray, Myliobatis californica. They are pretty awesome, and SF Bay is chock full of them. They get significantly larger than this one, too.

  3. i didn’t get any video of them, but there were also a bunch of tiny baby rays and big mama ray defending them in the shallow waters.

  4. Bunch of them swimming along the shore of Mission Creek by the houseboats today — awesome — I’ve never seen them there before.

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