New Dork State of Mind

I know this was covered by Scott back in March, but a couple of local blogs are linking to it again now, so that seems to give me enough of an excuse to mouth off.

I can’t say the formula isn’t valid, because this video has over 700,000 views. But that won’t keep me from objecting to the use of San Francisco in creepy missions to “make the world spread your word.” (Full disclosure: I’m a sucker for the original song – it’s pretty.)

I’ve reverse-engineered’s recipe for a “viral video”:

  • Big bushel of internet bizdev buzzwords
  • 4 Oz. Moderate SafeSearch Urban Dictionary terms
  • Healthy heaping of slick agency production
  • One hot, partially-nude girl with “dorky” glasses
  • Use established online parodists to mix and beat ingredients thoroughly in a bowl. Season heavily with San Francisco back-drops. Bake on high. Serve HOT.

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