An Almost Cleverly-Named Marijuana Delivery Service

An Almost Cleverly-Named Business

I refuse to engage in the perpetual punnitry (ha!) that wafts around the medical marijuana conversation in this country. It’s just not funny anymore.

Seriously, people, we are on the verge of voting to make this plant legal in California. I, for one, am proud to live in a city where it’s been effectively legal for years. The first time I was motivated to vote was when I moved here in 1996 and Proposition 215 was on the ballot. Since then, things have evolved, tons of other states have legalized medical pot – America has actually become more like San Francisco.

But the stoner jokes and wordplay mania are embarrassing. Thus, this business, as earnest and probably useful as it is, is embarrassing.

It’s a shame, because one thing I love about the site is its appropriation of the pharmaceutical industry’s aesthetic.

Also, this was totally inevitable.

National Anti-Prohibition Group Likes San Francisco (but not LA)

National Anti-Prohibition Group Likes San Francisco (but not LA), image by Troy Holden

You’d think that Los Angeles’ 800-1,000 medical marijuana dispensaries would be considered some sort of success to pro-legalization advocates in Washington, D.C. According to an article in today’s Chron by C.W. Nevius, you would be wrong:

“If you wanted to write a textbook on how to screw up medical marijuana,” said Bruce Mirken, the San Francisco-based communications director for the national Marijuana Policy Project, “the first thing you should do is hire the Los Angeles City Council.”

Mirken’s low opinion of the state of medical cannabis in California’s most populous city isn’t a case of pious provincialism, it’s the worst-kept secret in the entire pro-pot movement. More after the jump…
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