Valencia Street Lane Saga, 1925-2010

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Valencia Street, San Francisco, 1925

With the Mission on the verge of getting its Valencia Street West sidewalk back between 16th and 19th Streets, reader Brian Stokle points us to this nifty Flickr set complete with drawings of how Valencia Street looked over the ages. According to brunoboris, with the latest round of modifications, the sidewalks will return to their original width. More after the jump…

Valencia Street, San Francisco, 2010

Brian points out:

We’re not just getting our sidewalks back, or just 5 feet more sidewalk width… we’re also getting super sidewalk widenings in places like this in front of Puerto Alegre where they can put out cafe/dinner tables for outdoor dining!

Valencia Street Widening

It’s great to see that all my grumbling to annoyed friends as we strolled along over the years is finally bearing fruit! (What took so long, San Francisco? What’s that? My complaining wasn’t loud or frequent enough? Message received!)

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