Friday What The… Double Deck Golden Gate Bridge?

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Double Deck Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

First of all, I can’t tell which way most of those 1960s cars are traveling. One thing I do know: that bus and everyone on it are screwed. And wow, that sure is a lush and green post-Summer of Love San Francisco awaiting the hep cats that are fortunate to be headed the right direction.

(via Eric Fischer)

UPDATE: Commenter troymccluresf points out that the film, Bicentennial Man, with Robin Williams, also imagined a double-decker GG Bridge (with bonus – Tiburon as a looming metropolis!):

Golden Gabe Bridge, Bicentennial Man

There’s also a couple of quick shots of it in this trailer (it’s at 1:26 and 1:59 in case you can’t stomach the whole thing):