I Want to Go to There: Bayview Park

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Bayview Park, Sutro Tower, San Francisco

With the mild renaissance of Candlestick Point Recreation Area, you’d think there would be more interest in the conspicuous hill that juts up from the far side of the football stadium. It’s called Bayview Park (or Bayview Hill, alternatively), and it sacrificed its eastern slopes in the 1950s as fill on which to plant the arena.

It has suffered from neglect and harsh urbanization throughout its history, and it it’s barely appreciated even now by San Francisco residents, despite its natural beauty and kickass vistas. But it is getting attention by some for its high diversity of native plant species, including coastal scrub, oak groves, and the largest population of rare Islais cherry trees around.

Bayview Park, Cityscape, San Francisco

There are also a number of area and migratory birds that frequent the hill; I spotted a big, fat Horned Owl when I went last weekend.

I also went off-trail a bit and discovered the ruins of a makeshift structure:

Bayview Park, Fort Ruins, San Francisco

I don’t know if it was a kid’s fort or a homeless encampment, but it was cool. I’m not gonna tell you exactly how to find it – because what fun would that be? – but if you decide to go looking, be sure to wear shoes with some tread.

For anyone who claims to be fan of SF’s hilltops, this spot simply must be visited and explored.

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  • melinda | Jun 4, 2010 at 10:28 am

    another great find! i’m definitely going to try and find that fort/encampment area. it looks like it would make for a good little vid.

  • Whole Wheat Toast | Jun 5, 2010 at 11:42 pm

    I’ve been up there once before. Pretty creepy when there is only one person in the park…

  • beeduul | Jun 10, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    bayview park is sweet! i used to go up there once in a while when i lived in portola. i saw owls up there, too. i’ve been to an all night rave up there. it’s quiet, it’s secluded. i never found that fort, though. the lack of car access and that punisher (for some) of a climb up keeps it off the beaten path. there’s that weird decrepit radio tower, too, and the awesome view down the 101 and across vis valley. my buddy dave said he used to go watch niners games there from high up top.

    i miss sf!