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New Banksy Art in Chinatown?

New Banksy in Chinatown? San Francisco
Photo by Kat Cuffe is claiming it is:

Our English mate is in town fresh for the premier of Exit Through the Gift Shop his new documentary and obviously was up early this morning bombing our lovely city.

Can anyone confirm this for us? If you can spot the exact street, we can confirm in Google Streetview.

UPDATE 1: Above photo has been spotted in the photostream of this Flickr user. Still no clues on exact location, though. (Via)

UPDATE 2: Apparently, there's another one in The Mission. (Via)

UPDATE 3: Confirmed! Another Flickr user has seen the art in Chinatown and uploaded a pic:

New Banksy in San Francisco' Chinatown, confirmed!

UPDATE 4: Commenter Chartno3, who seems to be the owner of the original second Flickr image, gives the location, Grant and Commercial Streets, and here we confirm that it is where claimed (who says I don't do investigative journalism?):

Banksy Spot Confirmed, San Francisco

UPDATE 5: I should be clear. The only thing we've "confirmed" is that two pieces have gone up that look like signature Banksy pieces - one in Chinatown and one in the Mission. They could be copycats. One internet commenter suggests Banksy usually signs his pieces. (True or not, it would be just as easy to fake that, so I'm not sure where this leads us.)

While we're at it, one other question that deserves asking is, were these pieces done (and with or without permission) by some marketing firm as publicity for the film?

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  1. The location of the Chinatown one is Grant and Clay

  2. sorry, i misspoke. the location is actually Grant and Commercial

  3. How about some photo credit here? Wharholian says Kat Cuffe took the photo. do you not credit photographers with their work?

  4. my bad, i added it. wish there was a link to include. (i think you’ll find if you look around a bit that i credit others’ photos.)

  5. Thanks, no problem. Just like to see people get credit for their work. awesome finds!

  6. Just seen en route to the screening of Exit. There’s a stencil on a post box on the corner of Sacramento and Davis (I believe)

  7. Here is a good photo of the Mission Street piece

  8. I dont think Banksy signs his pieces & I’m pretty confident the ones we are seeing in SF right now are indeed his.

    Take a look at these I shot in NOLA, all Banksy, and no signatures:

  9. but how do we KNOW they’re Banksy?

  10. I went back this morning to take a shot and a closer look. Here you go guys.
    My verdict. No.
    At any rate, artist not a supporter of the second surge.

  11. the milk carton with Obama on it is pasted on to the surface vs painted on

  12. faith in art. just went and saw the “park” in L.A., amazing.

  13. Can I still go see it or have they erased it

  14. Head-ups.. thought that i saw a NEW banksy in Chinatown today. Might have to walk over and verify. Was on Broadway heading towards Embarcadero just after chinatown.

    Was driving, but saw “if at first you don’t succeed, call in a….” with oxygen mask

    Will verify soon.