Would This Stop Golden Gate Bridge Suicides?

Would This Stop Suicides? San Francisco

Serbia’s Suicide Prevention Office hired McCann Erikson to create this ad campaign that projects words of support onto the water under jump spots on Belgrade bridges. The message can only be seen when looking down from the spots.

Why not try it on the Golden Gate?

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Mission Street Man Girdles

Squeem Man Girdles on Mission Street, San Francisco

This sandwich board ad is a big, tall drink of WTF. Where to begin?

“Magical lingerie,” perhaps? (For men!) Or, how about “Squeem” as a name for a product line (slight handicapping for being a Brazilian company)?

If those don’t wake you up, we can take a look at the claim, “Get Fit Immediately.” And, finally, take a look at that model. Does he look like a candidate for a man-girdle? Is the Squeem thing-a-ma-bob “magically” re-distributing his spare tire into his pecs and biceps (or his…Johnson)?

You decide.

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