Spots Unknown

Geyser of Gooey Blackness on Valencia Street

Delicious gooey blackness!

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Haunting Dia de los Muertos Video Footage

KevMo over at MissionMission points us to this melancholy yet joyful edit of Dia de los Muertos footage scored with "Hellhole Ratrace" by Girls. He also laments the overwhelming whiteness of the celebration in recent years. I think the video/music mix itself captures that duality.

For extra weirdness, check out the video creator's other clip.

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The New Beauty Bar

The New Beauty Bar, San Francisco, Mission District

Some say Beauty Bar is super-douchey and should be shunned. I live equidistant between it and Bender's, and I have to say that the nights I've chosen Beauty have never been disappointing - rowdy, cheesy, caveman fun. I look forward to seeing how the remodeling turns out.

Photo: Rickshaw Paradise Frankenhottie

Flyer Frankenhottie

Valencia Street and 18th.

Coming Soon: Mission Casbah

Mission Casbah, San Francisco

Made all the more urgent by the recent news that Alameda Point flea market is possibly shutting down, some locals are bringing a little bit of North London to San Francisco, beginning Saturday, November 7th, and happening every Saturday after that.

Organizers Barbara Billee & Siobhan are converting Sub-Mission gallery on Mission at 18th from a punk Latin club into a Casbah market for artisan goods. Admission will be free, and DJs, including Jonah Sharp, will be spinning throughout the day.

From an email to vendors:

We are veterans of Camden Market in North London and we've finally found the right venue to start a weekly market in San Francisco!

The gallery is large, with three connected interior spaces, a back patio for chilling and a killer sound system. The bar will open at noon.

We have room for fifty vendors: the pitch size is 6ft x 5ft, vendors will supply their own tables and display materials. The space has bathrooms, security, power outlets and a roof - perfect for year-round trading.

Mission Casbah website

NBC ‘Trauma’tizes Valencia Street

Trauma on Valencia

You wish you thought of that headline. This guy appreciated it when I dropped the pun on him:

Trauma security guard

UPDATE: It's dead, Jim. Enjoy the medical pun industry which has just been given a shot in the arm.

Between Bars Last Night


Somewhere near Capp and 18th Streets.


A History of El Rio


Wow. I mean, holy crap. I aspire to this level of sleuthistry. I really really do.

(via MissionMission)

Who Is This Bearded Legend?


And why have I never seen him in the neighborhood until yesterday?

Double Dutch, or Something


10 p.m., Tuesday night.

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Turn On The Pumps!


If you think the streets are bad after today's downpour, you should see what's going on underneath the streets.

San Francisco has an antiquated sewer system, but with a "green" twist. It's the only community in California that operates a predominantly "combined" system, which means our wastewater and our stormwater flow through the same pipes to the ocean/Bay. More after the jump...

The Day in Clouds


I guess I spend a lot of time staring off at points in the distance. Further the better, and some days are better than others. With odd cloud formations and no rain, today was perfect.

Above, the Mission around 1pm. Another after the jump...

Will This Again Bleed Into the Mission?


Please don't upset the Castro population's Christian sensibilities with your demonic pagan rituals.

All dummies headed there this Halloween looking for fun, you will be dispersed. Many of you will flow down the very slight incline into the Mission, where you probably parked anyway, trickling through the alleyways and sex-vomiting on the curb.

Welcome, and I love you.

Weird Fog Day


It was out there this morning, just kind of sitting there, creeping slow and moppy through the Mission's alleys. Nothing left now but subtropical mugginess.

Google Street View Blackout


Take a close look at the image above. The blue highlighted streets are the ones covered by Google Street View. "A" marks the approximate location of my house. You'll notice that a whole range of surrounding blocks are not highlighted, in addition to an adjacent area to the west. Accordingly, if you try to navigoogle off of Mission Street onto 19th Street towards Capp, or Lexington... well, you can't do that.