Name That Spot

Name That Spot, water tower of McLaren Park, San Francisco

So, it’s pretty obvious what the subject of this photo is. But can you guess where I shot it from? Do it in the comments. (Hi-res version)

UPDATE: This was maybe a bit unfair since it was taken from a spot that’s not a landmark of any kind. The fence that frames it runs along the South side of Monterey and I was, of course, facing South.

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Most Unfortunate Business Timing Ever?

Most Unfortunate Business Timing Ever?

These fine fellows look like they’re feeling on top of the world in their well-stocked glass shop at 18 Sutter Street, San Francisco. The year? You guessed it: 1905.

As the story goes, the business didn’t survive the quake of ’06 and the family relocated to Los Angeles. Ironically, I’m sure there was a tremendous demand for their product as the rebuilding commenced.

(Spotted @ the Flickr stream of bcgreeneiv)

Filthiest Spot in San Francisco?

So thinks the photographer, Troy Holden.

From the Flickr set:

After years of deterioration and absence of modern operational systems, the [Fleishacker] pool did not meet health and safety standards and closed in 1971. Consideration was given to refurbishing and reopening the historic landmark, but usage studies showed low interest, and the high annual operating costs could not be offset with the expected revenue. In 1999, the San Francisco Zoological Society was granted ownership of the pool house, and it is not known what might become of it. The swimming pool itself was filled with rocks and gravel, with the space now serving as a parking lot for the zoo.