“Nuthin’ Eva Move But Da Money”

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Street hustler “DaVinci” raps his lament about the degradation of his turf in Western Addition/Fillmore. Use headphones, there’s naughty language (the video is SFW).

Before you dismiss the lifestyle when you hear, “Used to sell ice, weed, coke all night there / now they got cameras and the po-po right there” – learn a little about the history of West Addy. It won’t kill you.

I moved from the Divis/Grove area of the neighborhood in 2005 and it was still one of the rare San Francisco spots where middle-class African-Americans owned homes alongside non-black yuppies. But even then, dopenomics and gang turf disputes generated gun deaths and regular high-speed police chases.

What’s it like these days? Current residents speak up in the comments.

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  • dave | Mar 31, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    I moved to the Western Addy (some call it NOPA) back in 2004 and the neighborhood has changed a lot in 6 years but I would say only for the better. There is less crime and violence – last known shootout I know of is about 2 years ago, more unique shops/restaurants/bars and Divisadero has been completely revitalized within the last year. I am a renter and used to want to move out of the hood, but not anymore as the neighborhood finally has come into its own. The WA is a gem as we are centrally located with easy access to any part of the city. I only wish we had a sushi joint closer than Godzilla.

  • Lee | Apr 1, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    davinci probably hates me for living on his block. nevertheless, i don’t mind living on his.