“Nuthin’ Eva Move But Da Money”

Street hustler “DaVinci” raps his lament about the degradation of his turf in Western Addition/Fillmore. Use headphones, there’s naughty language (the video is SFW).

Before you dismiss the lifestyle when you hear, “Used to sell ice, weed, coke all night there / now they got cameras and the po-po right there” – learn a little about the history of West Addy. It won’t kill you.

I moved from the Divis/Grove area of the neighborhood in 2005 and it was still one of the rare San Francisco spots where middle-class African-Americans owned homes alongside non-black yuppies. But even then, dopenomics and gang turf disputes generated gun deaths and regular high-speed police chases.

What’s it like these days? Current residents speak up in the comments.

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Spot the Urban Coyote

Urban Coyote, San Francisco
Urban Coyote close up, San Francisco

I don’t usually have a need for a telephoto lens, but on Saturday while hiking across some of San Francisco’s biggest hilltops, I spotted a coyote in a park. It made me think more seriously about moving beyond my digital point and shoot camera, to SLR, with at least one good telephoto lens.

So, with tax refund season upon us, I guess I’m in the market for a <$1k rig. I've been looking at the Canon T1i and the Nikon D5000. Anyone have opinions on one or both of these? Are there other competitors in this class I should be tracking? Let me have it in the comments.

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Death & Sodomy in San Francisco

Death & Sex in San Francisco

I can’t even recall how I Googled my way onto this book review – by a psychiatrist, of a pathologist’s published work – but mercy me, how about this little nugget:

Many original contributions to forensic medicine were made by physicians associated with the Coroner’s Office and UCSF, including the “most unique” discovery that death by air embolism could occur with cunnilingus when air was blown into the vagina.

Was that an important move back in the day? Yikes.

Needless to say, I’m trying to get my twisted little hands on this gem of a book as I type. If anyone has seen it, please hit the comments.

It looks like Amazon only has links to used copies of the book: San Francisco Coroner’s Office: A History, 1850-1980.

Opposite Ends of the Mobility Spectrum

Street photography this stunning and powerful is too rare. The ideal combination of subject, setting, perspective, and of course, timing.

Here I see so many things besides the obvious: purpose, ambition, and perhaps mostly, the continuum of life. Photography has done for me what years of meditation practice couldn’t. It makes me aware of the world.

Submitted: Pet Cemetery in the Presidio

DSC_8654, originally uploaded by zimmix.

Christopher says:

There’s a great little pet cemetery in the Presidio @ McDowell and Crissy Field Avenues. It would be great if more people knew and cared about this little treasure.

UPDATE: Sadly, it looks as if this spot has been largely ruined, as commenters have pointed out:
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