Round Up: Six Months Worth of Spots Unknown

Lobos Creek, San Francisco

First off: an apology.

The category that is closest to the stated mission of this blog has only nine items in it after six months. That seems a little bit thin. My bad.

A big reason for doing this blog is to compel me to explore, physically, the parts of the city that I don’t know, or don’t know well enough, after living here nearly 14 years. (I know, I mouth off like I’m a native.) I had a great time investigating these few areas, so I’m going to try to increase the rate of items like these:

  • Muwekma Ohlone Park and Wildlife Sanctuary: Water has become a pretty steady obsession of mine after learning the tragic details of this spot; but there is, according to an update made just today, some hope for its future.
  • Lobos Creek & Mountain Lake: Funny how even the smallest of free-flowing waterways can seem so meaningful in an urban environment.
  • Precita Creek: A great case of a well-known iconic landmark, Twin Peaks, and what little I knew of it.
  • The Spitfire Rose: OK, one more resolution: to explore/discover more bars. Long Live the SU Corps of Urban Drunkards!
  • Mount Sutro: I was pretty jazzed about finally getting to the top of this hill and seeing the open space there. On the way down I wondered if this was in any way “unknown” to anyone but me, but then I ran into a friend and long-time resident who was jogging through the Panhandle, and mentioned where I’d been. He’d never been up there, either.
  • Hillapalooza: This redeems me a little bit, since it hit 14 spots at once. A great day in the city.
  • Dorothy Erskine Park: I especially enjoy finding a spot after being somewhere, pointing off to the distance, and saying, “what’s that over there?” And then going there. This was one of those.
  • O’Shaughnessy Hollow: Don’t even pretend you know what this is. You may have seen the spot, or even been there, but if you try to claim you knew the name, YOU LIE! (Also, why are you people so unresponsive to coyote posts?)
  • Edgehill Mountain: I first spotted this on a topo map, unlabeled of course. Turned out to be quite a specimen of the sort of city fight that can only happen in San Francisco.

There were lots of other popular posts, such as the Lost Landscapes stuff (got to give away some tickets), and video links. My “Palin-esque” defense of the city against SF Weekly drew lots of comments.

But in the end, it’s about the Spots, and me trudging my way, by foot, into, onto, under them. Basically, this map needs to look a lot busier:

View Spots Unknown Map on Google Maps site